Tunic Dress Pattern

Tunic Pattern Free and EASY

Today’s Tunic pattern free is a sporty dress that has a fashionable and modern shape. I’m sure you are going to love it! This tunic dress is very easy to sew and easy to wear. It has a bust dart which make it flattering to all figures types, including pregnant ladies.

The Tunic Pattern is available in European sizes 32-52 (US sizes 4-24) and come in different lengths.

Ponte and knits fabrics are suitable for this model.


tunic pattern free

Tunic Dress Front View

tunic pattern free

Tunic Dress Side View


The free dress pattern was published in the Polish website Papavero.


There are four pattern pieces that can be printed in 22 to 25 pages (depending on the size you choose) and the seam allowances are already included.

  1. Front – cut 1 on the fold
  2. Back – cut 2
  3. Sleeve – cut 2
  4. Neckline band – cut 1 on the fold


You can print the tunic pattern using a simple home printer. After printing, lay the pattern pieces on a large table or the floor and glue or tape the pieces together;  then cut out the individual pieces.


This is cutting layout:

Tunic Pattern Free Download


The patterns can be downloaded directly from Papavero if you subscribe to the website; since the website is in Polish here are the direct links:


Use color and prints! this model will look great in anything! These are some projects published in the Papavero site:

tunic pattern free



Sewing Instructions:

  1. Cut all the pattern pieces on your fashion fabric using the cutting layout displayed above.
  2. Sew the center front .
  3. Sew horizontal dart on the front.
  4. Sew center back seam.
  5. baste arms .
  6. Sew sleeves while combining sides of the dress.
  7. Sew the neckline band. (similar to a T-shirt)
  8. Hem your dress and sleeves

And ready , you just made a new dress! Easy, Fast, and Fashionable 😉


Sewing with Knits

Sewing with knits can be tricky at the beginning, but once you learn the basics it is even easier than sewing with woven fabrics.  Below are some tips:

This is a nice top, very easy to sew and you can wear it in many different ways.  I hope you find it useful.

Happy Sewing,


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4 Responses

  1. Olympia

    I love the tunic dress,but am having trouble printing

  2. Laura

    Hello! I wanna make this dress, but I was wondering if the size they give on their website – is that the length of the dress of the height of the person who will wear it? I am quite confused. I am 170 cm and size 4-6 which size should I download?

  3. Anonymous

    This dress is not free anymore on papavero site