Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner, or want to learn how to sew a great entry level (and affordable) sewing machine is Brother CS6000i. (I still use mine)

If you like to sew knits, I highly recommend a serger.  I also use a very affordable Brother model (Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger)



Cutting Tools

I cannot love without these 4 cutting tools:



Pressing Tools

Pressing is critical to achieve well sewn (not homemade looking) garments.

My favorite steam iron (and the one that I use for everything) is the Consew CES-300 Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron.  It has a large water container that last a long time (you won’t have to refill it every 3 minutes).

Other essential pressing tools are a Seam Roll and a Tailor’s Ham.  These are handy for many things, but they are essential for tailoring (button down shirts, jackets, and coats)

Another must have is a Point Presser Clapper.  This wooden tool is critical for to press accurate and flat seams.



Pattern Making

If you want to make patterns, you’ll need:

A great pattern making book to have in your sewing room is: Patternmaking for Fashion Design




Learning Resources

There are a few websites where you can learn many different sewing skills.

Crafsy has several free mini-clases and they also have good sales and promotions.  In my opinion, Craftsy is one of the best learning resources.


Creativebug also offers many sewing classes.  They provide a service similar to Netflix, pay a monthly fee and watch all the classes you want.  Try it for FREE through this link.

CreativeLive also offers sewing and craft classes. CreativeLive live broadcast classes are free.  Review their live broadcast schedule and sign up for the ones you like.



Sewing Patterns

There are several websites that offer FREE sewing patterns. In this blog, you can find a great selection of FREE Sewing Patterns.

A  few of my favorite websites where you can get FREE sewing Patterns are:


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