wrap dress with straps

Wrap Dress with Straps – FREE pattern

The FREE pattern for this wrap dress with straps is for a classic cocktail dress with tucks on the waistline and a wrapped skirt.  This pattern is available in European sizes 44-50 (US sizes 12-20).  I found this pattern in the Russian website porivan.ru.


Wrap Dress with Straps



The seam allowances are NOT included in the pattern. When cutting the pattern add 1/2″ or your preferred seam allowance.


Style Ideas:

This dress is designed as a retro “Charleston” style dress draped on the waist and with fringe on the hem, but you can remove the fringe and use the pattern for other looks.  The result should look perfect and expensive.  Below are some examples:


Floral and print fabrics will make a beautiful spring/summer dress.


Wrap Dress with Straps


Use sheer fabrics in classic black for a cocktail dress.

Wrap Dress with Straps


Use a sexy red fabric if you want a formal look. You can also change the length a use an asymmetrical hem like in this example.

Wrap Dress with Straps



For casual look, go with cotton fabrics.  Striped fabric will also look great!

Wrap Dress with Straps


This is a classic pattern that can be used for different looks depending on the fabric you choose.


Size Chart

Here is the Porivian size chart in cm

porivian size chart





I hope you find this pattern useful.  The pictures used in this post are from Pinterest


Happy Sewing,

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8 Responses

  1. Kristi

    Are there any instructions? I don’t read Russian 😉

  2. Vicky

    Yes it would have been nice if it was in English

    • Ginnie

      You can translate it on Google but it’s still a little bit tricky!

  3. Ally

    I can’t get Google to translate the pattern in English, can you post it in English please?!

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Thanks for your comment Ally. You are not the only one asking for translation, I’ll try to post something in English.

  4. Ioana

    Hey ! I would need a bi of help on how much fabric I need to buy. I have no Idea how to calculate.

  5. noa

    Thanks! Any ideas on what the bold arrows are marking? The cut of the right front bodice and right front skirt are drawn funny and I didn’t understand how to cut / mark / align them. Could use some help (:

  6. Monica Amodu

    English instructors would be amazing! This pattern is so pretty