How to Use Zippers by the Yard

. As opposed to most zippers available in fabric and craft sores, Zippers by the yard are sold by the yard.  There is a learning curve using zippers by the yard but they are very flexible and the best part … Read More

How to Make a Tassel with Cork Fabric

This photo tutorial illustrates how to make a tassel.  Tassels are great to add a professional look to your handmade bags and they are very easy to make. You’ll Need: Fabric (you can use vinyl, leather, or cork) Ruler and Rotary … Read More

How to Sew an Enclosed Zipper to Your Bag Pocket

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to sew an enclosed zipper to interior zipper pockets of any bag. Most bag patterns have instructions to sew the zipper with exposed seams, the enclosed zipper is a nice and professional finishing.   1. … Read More

How to Turn a Bag Through the Zip Pocket

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to turn any bag through the zipper from the interior pocket.  If your bag pattern does not include an interior pocket you can create one and turn your bag using this technique. Most bag … Read More