Stretch Lace Racerback Bra – Free Template



A lace racerback changes the look of your bra, it looks romantic and sexy and is very comfortable. You can show off your favorite laces with camis and backless tops.

The good news is that it is very easy to add it to your favorite bra pattern.  I used my beloved Black Beauty Bra, but you can use it with any pattern with minor adjustments.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add a lace back to any bra.



In addition to your bra pattern materials, you’ll need:

  • two extra rings
  • 10″ (25 cm) Matching or coordinating lace
  • 25″ (64 cm) band elastic (top width)

Your bra straps are going to be shorter (about 12″)


Preparing Pattern

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  • Print the template and ensure the test square is 1 inch.
  • I included a band that you can adjust to your measurements or you can trace the curve on your band pattern.



The lace back pieces are drafted for an average height of 5′ 5″, if you are taller or smaller you might need to lengthen or shorten the pattern piece. There is a line in the template where you can make any adjustments.








Attaching Elastic

With the right side of the lace facing up, place 1/2″ (12mm) picot plush elastic with plush side up. Align the straight edge of the elastic with the
raw edge of the lace. Zig-zag the elastic on, keeping close to picot edge of the elastic.



With the wrong side of the bra up, trim away any excess fabric outside of the zig-zag stitches.

Flip the elastic towards the wrong side of the bra and zig-zag close to the straight edge of the elastic.

Trim the elastic excess



Repeat on the other lace piece.


Using the same elastic, repeat the same process for the top edge keeping both pieces side by side. Leave about 1 inch of elastic at each side.

If you like, you can use a clasp at the center.  This will allow you to separate it to put it on.  I find it easier just to slide it over my head than trying to close the clasp.



Slide a ring (matching the size of your strap) on each side and use a bar-tack (or zig zag stitch) to secure. Trim away any elastic excess from the wrong side.



Follow the instructions on your bra pattern and attach the lace piece before adding the top band elastic.

Place the lace back over the band right sides together.  Leave 1/4″ on the band edge to attach the hook & eye closure.




Attach the picot elastic to the top of the lace back detail the same way as before placing the elastic over the lace piece leaving 1/2″ on the band side.

Stitch the first pass of zig zag on your top band elastic (there will be two cuts of picot plush elastic), also leaving 1/2″ un-stitched. These will overlap on the when doing the second pass of zig-zags.

When dong the second pass of zig zag stitches, cross cross the elastics of the lace back and the top band forming a “V”,


Add your straps and hook & eye.

You are done!

Post pictures on Instagram using hashtag #myhandmadespacelingerie.  I’ll love to see your creations ūüôā


Below are some pictures of bras I’ve made with the lace back.  In two of them I used the same lace as the bra cups, for the other I used a contrasting lace in black.


Happy Sewing,




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