Sewing Lingerie: Black Beauty Bra & Vera Panties

My new hobby is to sew lingerie.  I’ve been taking a few online classes and practicing with some knit fabrics that I had on my stash and reading lingerie making blogs.  In this post, I’m sharing my last lingerie projects.

I’ve learned a lot watching My Blueprint classes, reading blogs, and sewing lingerie patterns.

My favorite blogs so far are:

I made this set using Black Beauty Bra (view A) by Emerald Erin and Vera Panties (version 2) by Studio Costura Shop

This is my 5th Black Beauty Bra – I’ve posted pictures of some of my projects on my Instagram Account. Lingerie is definitively not related to bag or zippers :-), so I created an account separate from my store account.

Based on my measurements, I used size 38DD (I use 40 C in ready to wear). The cup was slightly big so I went down to 38D but then it was too small. I ended up adjusting the 38DD upper cup pattern piece by 1/2″ and now is perfect!

This pattern is suitable for many different sizes. It is available in Band sizes: 28 – 40, Cup sizes: B-DD and the larger version in Band sizes 28 – 40, Cup Sizes E-G.

This Lace is from Tailor Made Shop. Ying has many beautiful laces in her shop, and she also has kit for this pattern. I couldn’t help myself and bought a few of them.

I like this lace so much that I switched the power bar to the inside of the bra.

For support, I lined the bra with bra tulle and to strengthen the lace edge, I use 1/4″ elastic.

I separated the bra straps by 1″ and join them together with a bow. I like how it turned out.

It’s being a learning curve. The Black Beauty Bra Sew along series in Youtube was very helpful. Liz Sews channel is great to learn about sewing lingerie.

I also change the Back Band – It is wider and I used one of my ready to wear patterns that fit me well to draft a new pattern piece.

So far, this is my favorite version of my Black Beauty Bras.

Pattern: Black Beauty Bra
Lace: Tailor Made Shop
Lining: Bra Tulle from Emerald Erin
Elastic and Notions from Bra Builders

The Vera Panties are very easy to sew. The front seam match was accidental, but it looks great. I added 1″ to the length from the waist and another inch in the center of both the gusset and front pattern pieces.

I still have some lace left and would like to try version 3 of the Vera panties.

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