How to Match Fabric Prints

How to Match Fabric Prints can be tricky; the cutting will take more time and you’ll need more fabric, but the result worth the effort.  In ready to wear the manufactures don’t match prints because it represent a significant increase in cost.  The beauty of handmade clothes is that you can design your own garments and place the fabric print however you like.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to match prints and how to arrange your pattern pieces to place the fabric prints wherever you like.  I’m cutting a pencil skirt but the idea is the same for any garment.


Step 1: Trace your pattern in a see through paper including seam allowances.  I like to use Swedish Tracing Paper  


Step 2: Place your pattern on a single layer of fabric adjusting it on the fabric print to get your desired location and cut.  In this example I wanted the fabric band to be at my skirt hem.  I lined the hem fold line with the fabric band.


How to Match Fabric Prints


The fabric print that I used, also had a zig zag design and I placed the center back seam allowance at one of the zig zag points.


How to Match Fabric Prints


Step 3: Cut a mirror image of your piece matching the fabric print.

How to Match Fabric Prints


Step 4: Match the front and back pieces using the pattern notches.  You can also draw the design on your pattern to align them however you like.  For my skirt I wanted to centralize the diamond shape of the fabric print on the skirt front.  I folded the fabric centralizing the diamond and aligned the hem line with the fabric band.

How to Match Fabric Prints


Step 5: Pin your pieces with Fork Pins and sew your seam stitching over the pins.  Fork pins are very thin and you can sew over them without damaging your sewing machine.

To match specific lines in  your fabric print, place the lines in the middle of the fork pin.


How to Match Fabric Prints

Skirt back



Pencil Skirt

Skirt Front

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.

To match the fabric prints, you can underline the garment with silk organza and draw the fabric design on it.  Fork pins are a great tool to mach fabric prints flawlessly .

Happy Sewing,


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