Shift Dress FREE Pattern – Jackie

The Jackie Shift Dress FREE Pattern is a figure flattering shift dress that is very simple and easy to sew.  You can dress it up or down depending on the fabric you use.

Thanks to one of our members for sharing the Jackie  in our MHS Facebook Group .  This pattern is available in European sizes 8-18 and it has has 7 pieces:

1. Front skirt centre panel (cut 1)
2. Back skirt (cut 2)
3. Sleeve (cut 2 )
4. Front facing (cut 1)
5. Back facing (cut 2)
6. Front bodice middle panel (cut 1)
7. Back bodice (cut 2)
8. Front skirt side panel (cut 2)
9. Front bodice side panel (cut 2)

Once you have prepared the fabric and pattern pieces for your size, you’re ready to start stitching – follow the pattern step-by-step instructions to make your own shift-style dress! Each of the pattern pieces has a 5/8″ (1.5 cm) seam allowance unless otherwise stated on the individual section. This means that once you have cut the pattern pieces and pinned them to the fabric, you will cut them directly from the material – so you don’t need to worry about adding additional borders to accommodate seams.










How to assemble the pattern

To assemble the pattern, cut around the border of each page – one long side and one short side (keep your choice of sides consistent between pages).  Align them and tape or glue in place.

The pattern includes  a print layout.

Once all the pattern pieces have been cut and laid onto the fabric, pin each one around the edges to secure it onto the material.

With dressmaking scissors cut all the pattern pieces from the fabric. Use careful clean cuts and work close to the edge of the

Once all pieces have been cut, leave the pattern pieces pinned in place until you’re ready to work with them. This makes identifying each section easier.



It is really important to launder your fabric (according to instructions) before you sew with it, this allows for shrinkage. You must then apply interfacing to the wrong side of your facing pieces. Finally you must overlock, or zig zag stitch all raw edges, these are; side seams, bottom edge of skirt pieces (hems) ,the bottom edge of the neckline facing and sleeve side seams and edges.



If you sew a shift dress using this pattern, please share pictures in our MHS Sewing Facebook Group or you can also tag me on Instagram @anabelledelgado4


Happy Sewing,


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