LaRue Bag Pattern Free

The LaRue Bag Pattern was inspired by the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and it is a versatile bag, you can wear it as a tote, messenger bag, or remove the straps and carry the bag as a clutch.  The bag features an internal zippered pocket and a cell phone pocket. The finished measures are 12″ wide x 20″ tall. This pattern has been out there for a few years but it still has a unique shape and looks fashionable and modern.


Any fabric will work for this simple bag but this is a great project to be creative in your fabric selection, try faux leather, faux suede, metallic fabrics, or even fur. I used faux suede for my version of this bag.


Picture from Georgeous Fabrics Blog



Picture from Cosiendo y Aprendiendo

It is also a good opportunity to embelish your bag, use studs, crystals, or embroider your bag!



In my version of the bag I used a flower design and I used rivets at the center of the flower.


The original bag was made using distressed leather and was embellished with gold studs in the corner.


Materials Required

  • 1/2 yd main fabric (60″ wide)
  • Fusible interfacing (optional depending on the fabric you use)
  • 1/4 yard for the strap, loops & tassle trim.
  • 12” zipper for the interior pocket


  • 1⁄2” D-rings
  • 2 – G-ring clamps 4”
  • fine chain and 2 – 1⁄2″ ‘O’ ring for the fringe detail
  • slider
  • Rivets (to embellish your bag)

Larue Bag Pattern Download

There are 7 pattern pieces and 17 pages to print.  When cutting make sure you have mirror pieces. I cut two pieces in the same direction 🙁


This is the sketch of the pattern and the free download is from the Hot Patterns website.


Download Free Pattern


Sewing Instructions

The sewing instructions are included in the pattern, It is a bag easy to sew. In a nutshell:

  • Cut pattern pieces and fuse a stabilizer on the exterior pieces (I used fusible fleece)
  • Embellish the bag exterior
  • Sew the pockets to the lining pieces
  • sew the exterior of the bag – take into consideration that part of one of the sides are the handles and that the belt loops should be attached.
  • sew the lining leaving an opening to turn the bag and sew it to the exterior around the handles.
  • Finish the armhole using bias binding
  • Sew the bag strap and the tassle trim.



I hope you like it.

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The pictures of the distressed leather bag used in this posts are from Amazon – this bag used to be on sale at Amazon but it is no longer available.

Happy Sewing,


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14 Responses

  1. Marcy M Chandler

    This is a GREAT BAG!!!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH!

  2. Olatz

    It looks gorgeous!

  3. Ag

    Es justo el tipo de bolso q andaba buscando. Aquí estoy con el plato encima de la mesa enfriandose y pegando folios.
    Muchas gracias, espero poder ponerme para este finde

  4. mi guerrero y mi princesa

    muy muy chulo. Gracias por el enlace al patrón!!!

  5. Anna

    Muy bonito! Gracias por compartir!

  6. Wanda Ball

    Thank you for sharing.
    When you say make sure the pieces are mirrored…what exactly do you mean?

    • Anabelle Delgado

      That you cut the pieces in opposite directions. I had to flip the pattern to cut the second piece.

  7. Karen Marie Kedzuch

    The quality of your design and execution is incredible. I love to sew too.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Thanks! 🙂

  8. Cheryl

    I just saw this bag but when I looked it didn’t appeal to me so I had to come see and boy. This bag should me made me made. I will be looking for fabric that calls it soon. This is fashionable.

    • Anabelle Delgado

      I’m glad you like it! please share pictures if you sew this bag.

  9. MPaula

    Such a versatile bag! I use a backpack for shopping but it is cumbersome if it also functions as a purse. I could wear this bag – either way – to hold my book, wallet and glasses. I could even wear it under a jacket for extra security.

  10. Kelly

    Hi Anabelle.

    I was actually in this film, and have coveted that bag ever since. I can’t sew to save my life, so I was wondering if you could possibly make a black faux leather w/ studs one for me, and I could pay you for it via paypal or something like that. Would you be interested in making one for me?

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Wao! what did you do in the movie? my son loves acting. The bag is unique! I’m trying to find someone to sew the bag for you (I don’t sell them) – but if I can’t find anyone I’ll do it.