half moon bag

Half Moon Bag

The Half Moon Bag is part of Chris W Designs’ Lunar Collection and the June Pattern for the Bag of the Month Club 2016.  The pattern for the Lunar Collection provides three sizes to choose from. Large- Full Moon, Medium – Half Moon and Small – Quarter Moon. All versions feature a front slip pocket with optional flap and two side pockets that close with a pull cord. The Full Moon & Half Moon versions have a luggage sleeve at the back and the Quarter Moon a slip pocket. There is a large zipper pocket in the interior and it also features an optional adjustable strap.

The Half Moon Bag was my last project of the Bag of The Month Club 2016.  In the Bag of The Month Club you buy a bundle of 6 surprise patterns and you’ll receive 6 patterns, one a month from January – June and It’s a surprise what the pattern is before you receive it!

half moon bag

Pattern: Lunar Collection by Chris W Designs

Exterior Fabric:  Alison Glass Handcrafted Patchwork Batik Tile Brick Red

Lining Fabric: Alison Glass Abacus Village Orange

 Stabilizer: Bosal Sew In Foam Stabilizer

From all of the BOMC 2016 patters, the Lunar Collection pattern is by far the most challenging.  I made the medium size bag (the Half Moon) and its huge.

It has a lot of pattern pieces and it take a long time to cut, to fuse the interfacing, and to construct.The hardest part was to sew the exterior pieces, the pattern use flex foam interfacing and to sew this bag in a small home sewing machine wasn’t easy.

The optional strap can be attached with this stylish triangular ring, It look great, but a D ring also works.
half moon bag
The pattern suggests rivets to provide extra support, but they also look great . These Double Cap Rivets work well! I used 28 rivets for my Half Moon – not counting the rivets of adjustable strap because. (I borrowed it from a different bag)

half moon bag

It uses a bag zipper with double pull.

half moon bag

And the turning point is through the interior zipper – which was not easy given the size of this bag!

half moon bag

I used quilting cotton for the exterior of the bag, buy I think that home decor fabric is a better option! This bag is huge and thicker fabric will provide more strength.

This bag will be secure on your carry on and will not fell! I love the luggage sleeve.

I used a stretchy faux leather fabric that was a pain to work with – it was good for the side pockets, and this kind of faux leather is great for clothing because the stretch gives your garment moving ease and comfort, but it is not a good choice for the straps or the flap.  So far, Marine Vinyl is the one that woks best for me and it comes in many different colors.

I modified the construction of the straps because they were too thick – my straps have two layers (as opposed to the four from the pattern) and the bottom band is a single layer  (as opposed to two).

The metal trim and the handmade plaque are also from Emmaline Bags! these little pieces add to your bags personality and they look polish and professional.

I hope you feel inspired to make a bag from the Lunar Collection, it is not an every day bag, but it will get attention when you travel!

Happy Sewing!


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