passport wallet

Passport Wallet FREE Pattern

This handy passport wallet pattern features two passport slots, four card slots, a zipper pocket, and a slip pocket for other travel documents.  It is designed for cork and  Kraft Tex “paper” fabric.  It was published by the talented German designer from the website Pattydoo.

passport wallet

The examples shown in this pictures are made with wine and emerald cork.

For the zipper pocket I would use Nylon Metallic Zippers.

To download the pattern, you have to subscribe to Pattydoo website.

You can find step-by-step illustrated instructions in the Pattydoo website.  The website is in German but the illustrations are easy to follow and you can translate to English (from your desktop, right click on the page and select Translate English)


I sew a similar travel organizer and it was convenient to carry all the travel documents for a recent family trip.

I  hope you like it!

Happy Sewing,

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