How to Make a Backpack: Free Pattern

This free backpack pattern features zipper and a fold over design; the top folds down into a stylish and practical backpack with an unusual design. I found this tutorial in the Russian page


The tutorial uses faux leather on the bottom, neoprene, and textured fabric but you can use any fabric for this cute backpack.


how to make a backpack




How to Make a Backpack?

You’ll Need:

● Faux Leather
● 3/4 yd Neoprene
● 1/2 yd contrasting fabric (textured black in this example)
● 14″ Zipper
●  2 handles with Swivel Hooks (you can make the handles with faux leather.


Sewing Instructions

An illustrated tutorial is included in the page  To translate, right click on the page and select translate English.


I hope you find this pattern useful!


Happy Sewing,

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