Hooded Coat Pattern FREE

The Hooded Coat Pattern FREE is a great addition to your Fall/Winter wardrobe.  It is a double breasted coat with simple lines and you can close it with buttons. The hoodie is very convenient under the rain or snow.

I found this FREE pattern in the Spanish Website Mujeres y Alfileres.

Hooded Coat Pattern

Download Hooded Coat Pattern

This pattern is a in a full page and can be printed in a large printer, a print shop, or you can use your regular printer using the poster option.

The pattern has 10 pieces. Four pattern pieces for the sleeve, front, back, front strip, back strip, and hoodie.


Sewing Instructions

The website also have illustrated instructions that are easy to follow even if you cannot make sense of the translation.

Link to Sewing Instructions

I hope you like it!

Happy Sewing,


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14 Responses

  1. Lillian Palko

    It is a lovely coat pattern but it doesn’t show what size it is….my download only shows 4 pieces while the pattern shows 10. I realize I need to print it out at a print shop but would like to know what size please.

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Hi Lillian!
      The coat pattern can be printed in a regular printer using the poster option – then you can tape the pieces together. The measurements are in the pattern (in cm) and you should cut the pattern in the lines to get the 10 pieces as shown in the picture.

  2. Annette Crawford

    Your genorosity is amazing I really love this pattern. In fact they are all great!!

  3. tina

    No puedo imprimir todas las piezas del jefe. como hacer ?

  4. tina

    Finalmente conseguí imprimir las monedas.
    es una bella capa; Gracias

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Me alegro que pudieras imprimir el patron! comparte fotos de tu capa.

  5. Emily

    how do i print this pattern off??

  6. Sandra

    Annabelle, I have tried to get to the pattern to print it. I keep ending up at a page that I need to translate, and the translator doesn’t work. Ho can I, at least, get to the pattern. I love this coat and want to make it. Help me…


  7. Suzi

    Hello… What is the pattern size?
    I cannot understand 🙁

  8. Rani S

    i not yet try to sewing coat before, is it difficult for the beginner?

  9. Maria

    Me prodría ayudar : en cuento porcentage tendría que imprimir para que salga la talla del modelo. Y también que talla es…muchas gracias

  10. Kristina Srbinovska

    Please note what pattern size is this model?
    Best regards