Pencil Skirt Tutorial and Sew Along

Pencil Skirts are very narrow straight skirts; they vary in length and depending on the fabric you choose they can be very casual or very sophisticated.

In this Pencil Skirt Tutorial you’ll find examples of different pencil skirt length and styles, how to draft the pattern using a skirt sloper, and how to sew it.

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Pencil Skirt Examples and Style Ideas:

Where to begin? the pencil skirts are so practical that you can wear them many different ways.
If you want a short skirt you can use stripes or printed fabrics. Here are some examples:

pencil skirt tutorial

pencil skirt tutorial
You can embellish your mini skirt with trims, fringe, or even your fabric salvage edge. This is an example of an embellished mini skirt that looks youthful and modern.

pencil skirt tutorial



If you are looking for a work appropriate look, the pencil skirts can be worn above the Knee, at the knee, and they are also lovely (and sexy) below the knee.

Use solid colors – neutral or colorful  – any color looks good!pencil skirt tutorial


Use stripes, and experiment with the stripes direction – you can get amazing results!

pencil skirt tutorial


Floral Fabrics are not my favorite, but pencil skirts also look great in them.

pencil skirt tutorial


You can also layer lace over your pencil skirt – sew a short skirt and layer it with a longer lace skirt! It looks very pretty!

pencil skirt tutorial


Pencil Skirt Tutorial: Drafting the Pattern

1. Trace your Skirt Sloper – If you don’t have a skirt sloper yet, you can make one following this Skirt Sloper tutorial.

2. Adjust the length of your skirt to your desired length.

3. Come in 1″ for short skirts, 2″ for longer skirts from the base and blend to the Low Hip.

4. Add seam allowances (I like to use 1/2″) and add 1 1/4″ for the hem.

5. Repeat the same process in both the front and back pattern pieces.

6. In the Center Back add a slit 5″ tall x 1 1/4″ wide (the same width of your hem so you can sew a mitered hem).  Slit top is in a 45 degree angle.

7. True up the hem, add notches and grainline.  If you use a woven fabric, this skirt can be cut on the cross-grain or on the bias.

8. Draw a facing by tracing the top of the pencil skirt pattern in both the front and back – it should be about 4″ long.


This is how your pencil skirt pattern should look like:

pencil skirt tutorial


Sewing Instructions:

  1. Add interfacing to the slit, zipper area, facing, and hem.
  2. Sew the darts.
  3. Sew an invisible zipper. You can find a tutorial (with video) in how to install an invisible zipper in the Colette blog.
  4. Sew the side seams
  5. Sew and top stitch the facing.  You can find a nice illustrated tutorial in The Sewing Divas sewing, design, and fashion blog.
  6. Add lining (optional) – not necessary but it would add quality to your skirt. You can find a great tutorial with couture techniques in the BCN Unique blog.
  7. Press the hem 1 1/4″ and sew the slit with a mitered corner.  You can find an illustrated tutorial in how to sew a mitered hem in the Sew4home blog.


Use medium weight fabrics: twill, cotton, denim, linen, leather, lace – the options are unlimited!

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