Free Dress Sewing Pattern The Ruby Dress

Free Dress Pattern: The Ruby Dress

The Ruby Free Dress Pattern has a very simple shape.  It has a high neckline and a wide circle skirt.  This pattern is very versatile and can be used for many different looks.  Use floral prints for a young and fresh look, or lengthen the skirt for a more mature look. This is a pattern is one of those that you should keep in your patterns library.

The dress can be used for different styles depending on the fabric you choose, in this post are some ideas.


Style Ideas

For a casual look use floral prints! floral print dresses are great for Spring.


free dress pattern


free dress pattern


If you want a formal look for a party, graduation, or prom, change to silks, lace, satin weave fabrics, and sheer fabrics.


free dress pattern







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Ruby Dress: Finishing
| |

Finishing The Ruby Dress includes: Hemming the Circle Skirt securing the lining on the waist   Step 1: Hemming the Circle Skirt Since this is a circle skirt, the bottom part of the hem is larger. ... Read More

Ruby Dress: How to Attach an Exposed Zipper?
| |

Ruby Dress: How to Attach an Exposed Zipper includes? Zipper preparation Piece preparation Installation of the zipper You’ll Need: 14″ of zipper Zipper Pull Double Tape SF101 Interfacing (optional) lighter (to burn the zipper edges)... Read More

Ruby Dress: Attaching the Circle Skirt

The Ruby Dress Circle Skirt Constructions includes: Attaching the Circle Skirt to the Bodice Sewing and finishing the back seam Finishing the hemline   Step 1: Attaching the Circle Skirt RST (right sides together), pin the... Read More

Ruby Dress: Bodice Construction
| |

The Ruby Dress Bodice Constructions includes: Sewing the darts Sewing the shoulder seams Sewing the side seams Lining the bodice Step 1: Sewing the Front Darts RST (right sides together), pin the front dart in place.... Read More


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Ruby Dress Sew Along

Ruby DressYou'll receive a FREE Ruby Dress Pattern and step by step illustrated instructions in how to construct this beautiful dress!

14 Responses

  1. Pearl Brooks

    I’ve been trying to download the free pattern for over an hour now and I’m so frustrated.
    I managed to get a toolbar that I didn’t want, and you want me to get a google account which I don’t want. I only wanted the pattern which I still have been unable to get.
    I followed the instructions and entered my e mail. An hour later I have not had the link to carry on.
    I’m very disappointed.

  2. adelgad4

    You should be able to download the pattern with no email or accounts.

  3. Nicole

    What length zipper should I buy?

  4. Vanesa

    Please please I love the dress and would love to get the pattern.

  5. Charlotte

    why isnt the pattern available anymore?

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Sorry Charlotte, I don’t own the pattern. It was posted in the Love sewing magazine and it is no longer available.

    • Gwendolyn

      George and Ginger has a similar pattern on their etsy page. I believe it’s called the Jawbraker dress.

  6. Helen Ezemonye

    How can I download the free dress patterns, especially the mermaid dress patterns?

  7. Sierra Wegener

    How can i make this dress for a size 14-16

    • Anabelle Delgado

      HI Sierra!
      To grade up the pattern, just add 1/2″ on the side for each size – you can also make a sloper with your measurements and adjust the pattern to your measurements.


  8. Katarina Guoth

    Hi Anabelle, I would like to ask you, whether dress has a seam allowance. Thank you for your responce.

  9. Jess

    Hi Annabelle.
    I was wondering if you have the ruby dress pattern still available as I am wanting to use that as a template for my wedding dress in August this year. If not do you know where I would be able to get it from?

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Thanks for your interest Jess, you should receive the link to the pattern in your first email when you sign up for the sew along.

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