Free Blouse Sewing Pattern

Free Blouse Sewing Pattern: Pussycat Bow Blouse

The free blouse sewing pattern is for the Pussycalt Bow Blouse.  This blouse is a button down shirt with tucks at the hip and a bow tied around the neck. The blouse pattern is available in UK size S/M (bust 35″-37 / 89cm-93cm)


The free patter was published in th March 2015 English magazine Making.  I found the copy of the pattern on the Vera Venus Website.  The pattern has 14 pages that can be printed in a regular printer and includes a diagram in how to do a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) to the pattern.

Free Blouse Sewing pattern

Link to Free Blouse Sewing Pattern

These bow tied blouses are very popular and they look great.  You can use them to work and for business casual look or under a jacket for a business professional attire.

Here are some ideas in for your bow tied blouse:

I love navy, it looks very professional and sheer fabrics will look very elegant. (long or short sleeves)

Free Blouse Sewing pattern

Free Blouse Sewing pattern


Details in contrasting will make a stunning bow tied blouse! I love classic black and white, but you can play with different color combinations.

Free Blouse Sewing pattern

Free Blouse Sewing pattern


If you are up for a challenge, look at this bow tied blouse from Anthropologie. You can use this pattern and use contrasting fabrics for a look like this.
Free Blouse Sewing pattern
This a classic pattern that can be used multiple times for different looks depending on the fabric you choose and the details you add.  If you don’t already own a bow tie blouse patter, this pattern is a great addition to your pattern library.


The pictures used in this post are from Pinterest and the Vera Venus pattern.


I hope you find this pattern useful! Join MHS Facebook Group and share pictures of your handmade creations (all of them), we all want inspirations from other sewers!


Happy Sewing!

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