Ruby Dress Sew Along

The Ruby Dress is a versatile pattern that you can use for many different styles.

It is a very simple dress and it is very easy to sew. This pattern is suitable for beginners, but everybody is welcome to join.

If you would like to receive a free copy of the new Ruby Dress pattern and participate in the sew along, please complete the form below.

The Ruby Dress is sleeveless,  has a high neckline on the front and two darts to accentuate the waist.  It is a fitted bodice.


Ruby Dress



Ruby Dress


It has a V neck on the back, an exposed zipper, and two darts.





The skirt is a circle skirt and the bodice is fully lined.



During the Sew Along, I’ll include step by step illustrated instructions and

Follow along at your own pace: you can sew as the lessons are posted, or read through each one and sew on your own time later.

You’ll receive 6 emails with step by step instructions. Below is the schedule:

  • Day 1 – Fabric & Supplies
  • Day 2 – Preparing your Pattern & Cutting
  • Day 3 – Constructing the Bodice: Darts, Sides, and shoulders
  • Day 4 – Constructing the Skirt and Attaching it to the Bodice
  • Day 5 – Attaching the Zipper
  • Day 6 – Finishing


There are many variations that we can make and we can discuss them.  We can interact with each other and share pictures of our progress in our MHS Sewing Group on Facebook.  If you are sharing pictures on Twitter or Instagram, please use hashtag #mhsrubydress


Sew Along Posts:

Ruby Dress: Finishing
| |

Finishing The Ruby Dress includes: Hemming the Circle Skirt securing the lining on the waist   Step 1: Hemming the Circle Skirt Since this is a circle skirt, the bottom part of the hem is larger. ... Read More

Ruby Dress: How to Attach an Exposed Zipper?
| |

Ruby Dress: How to Attach an Exposed Zipper includes? Zipper preparation Piece preparation Installation of the zipper You’ll Need: 14″ of zipper Zipper Pull Double Tape SF101 Interfacing (optional) lighter (to burn the zipper edges)... Read More

Ruby Dress: Attaching the Circle Skirt

The Ruby Dress Circle Skirt Constructions includes: Attaching the Circle Skirt to the Bodice Sewing and finishing the back seam Finishing the hemline   Step 1: Attaching the Circle Skirt RST (right sides together), pin the... Read More

Ruby Dress: Bodice Construction
| |

The Ruby Dress Bodice Constructions includes: Sewing the darts Sewing the shoulder seams Sewing the side seams Lining the bodice Step 1: Sewing the Front Darts RST (right sides together), pin the front dart in place.... Read More



Ruby Dress Sew Along

Ruby DressYou'll receive a FREE Ruby Dress Pattern and step by step illustrated instructions in how to construct this beautiful dress!

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