FREE Bag Pattern & Embroidery Design

The free bag pattern is for a a simple bag with a front snap hook closure. The pattern is design for faux leather and for a pretty embroidery design, which is also free.


Fabric Recommendations

Leather or faux leather

This ad from Bernina shows this pretty bag!


FREE Bag Pattern Download

This free pattern is from the German website of Bernina, sewing machine brand. They published this pattern at the release campaign of BERNINA 7 Series and its a matching design for a dress that they also published.  It is a matching design for this dress pattern (also free)


This is the sketch of the pattern and there are only 4 pages to print.



Download Free Pattern





FREE Embroidery Design Download

This is the picture of the embroidery design that Bernina published with the bag pattern.




The design download is available in the  Bernina page. To download, scroll to the downloads section and select the third option on the list.





The pictures used in this post are from the Bernina website.

Please share pictures if you sew this bag, I’ll love to see what you are making.

Happy Sewing,

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