#bagaweekcahllenge 2022

I challenged myself to make a bag every week during 2022.  I started posting them every week, but after we moved our business, it was a bit more challenging to stick to a schedule.  I finished the year with 48 bags (out of 52) and I’m happy with that.

Below is a summary of all the bags I made during 2022 with a link to the pattern I used. 

A handful of the bags I kept for me (4 to be exact: Black Margarita, Bom dot Com has been handy when I travel, the Guardian with the flowers, and the Plumeria with plaid vinyl);

The waxed canvas H2O 2 Go I gave to my son,

The Retro Sling Bags I gave to my husband,

My mom kept a bunch of them,

I gave 2 of them to my sister (Jasmine and caramel Plumeria);

One of my daughters use the navy Guardian backpack.

Some of them are on display in the store.

I’m using hashtag #bagaweekchallenge2023 to keep track of my 2023 bags! Let’s see how I do during 2023. 

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