25 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winners

Thanks for participating in our giveaways! This is our second year doing this and It’s always exciting to see your answers to our daily questions.  It also helps us identify how to serve you better.  I chose one winner every day from 1-25 December for a $30 gift cards.  All winners have been notified and they should have the e-gift cards.  Let me know if you have any issues.

For the Juki 2010Q Sewing Mahine winner, I chose a customer that made a purchase during 1-25 December. The top 3 sewing machines that you use for bag making are:

  1. Juki 1541s
  2. Juki TL 18 QVP
  3. Juki TL 2010Q

Below is a summary of all the answers to the sewing machines that you use for bag making. 

Thanks for your support to our small business! we enjoy working with you 🙂

$30 Gift Card Winners

Day 1: Jennifer Stern

Day 2: Michele Cullen

Day 3: Kathy Kreeger

Day 4: Norma Agron

Day 5: Michele Bagwell Owens

Day 6: Jane E Kaag

Day 7: Wendy Solomonson

Day 8: Amanda Morgenstern

Day 9: Frankie Mesher Hortsman

Day 10: studio 7t7

Day 11: Gail Hester

Day 12: Laura Breyley

Day 13: Jan Kohen

Day 14: Nancy Onanian

Day 15: Marifrances Fabbri

Day 16: Leelynnsmenagerie

Day 17: Christina Butkiewicz

Day 18: Amy Arnio

Day 19: Terri Brennan

Day 20: Anne Bender

Day 21: Lisa Marie

Day 22: Jenni Britto

Day 23: Heather Heidlage

Day 24: Gloria Cobb

Day 25: Chelsea LaPlante

Juki 2010Q Sewing Machine Winner:

Abigail Doyle – I hope it serves you well!

Congrats to all the winners, and once again thanks for your support.

Sewing Machines Summary

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