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How to Use Zippers by the Yard


As opposed to most zippers available in fabric and craft sores, Zippers by the yard are sold by the yard.  There is a learning curve using zippers by the yard but they are very flexible and the best part – they are cost efficient.  I receive questions about zippers by the yard all the time and this post is intended to answer your questions.

Where can you buy zippers by the yard?

My Handmade Space has the best options.  There are hundreds of zipper tape colors and all possible coil colors: silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal, rainbow, bronze, or regular coil.  You can also select from different pull styles.

You can match your favorite fabrics or cork.

How do you cut the zippers? Do you need a special tool?

Cut the zippers to the size you need plus seam allowance with regular scissors.  You don’t need any special tool.

How can you avoid raveling?

Use a lighter to burn the edges of the zipper tape – similar to polyester webbing

open zipper end

Can you make the zipper separating?

I would rather use an already made separating zipper because the finishing is much better, but if you like, you can use Open Zipper Ends to make the zipper separating.  I’ve seen jackets made with zipper by the yard with the open ends.

To install:

  • burn the zipper end (to avoid raveling)
  • remove 1/2″ of the nylon coil (secure the threads with glue)
  • You can wrap fusible vinyl for a better finishing
  • Place the ends close to the coil and press firmly with pliers.

How can you attach the zipper pulls? Do you have a video?

Attaching zipper pulls takes practice, but gets very easy.

  • Open about 1 inch of zipper tape
  • Slide the one side of the rounded end of the pull (with two openings) onto the end of the tape.
  • Slide the other side of the pull making sure that it is even.
  • Wrap around your finger and slide the zipper pulls onto the tape.

I don’t have a video of my own but there are several available.  I like this one:

Can I make two-ways zippers?

The zipper is two ways, you can make head to head zippers.


Do I need zipper stops?

For nylon zipper tape, you don’t need zipper stops.  You can sew over the zipper tape and depending on what you are sewing you can use zipper tabs or metal zipper ends.

You can learn to install zipper tabs in this tutorial.

If you use metal zipper tape, yes, I recommend zipper stops.


Can I use zippers by the yard for garments/clothes?

Yes, but if the zipper is holding a dress or a skirt, use locking pulls.

Non-locking pulls won’t lock the zipper and it will not hold.  non-locking zippers are great for bags or if you are not putting a lot of stress on the zipper (i.e decorative accents, sleeves, etc.) – I’ve seen onesies and jackets with non-locking pulls.


#3 and #5 zipper tape

What is the difference between size #3 and size #5?

Size #3 is thinner, the thickness of the closed coil is 3 mm.  This zipper is excellent for wallets and interior pockets.  The width of the zipper tape is 1 inch.

Size #5 is thicker – the thickness of the closed coil is 6.45 mm.  This zipper is excellent for exterior zippers on bags, backpacks, totes, etc.


Can I use zipper pulls from other vendors?

It is difficult to know because Zipper size varies from vendor to vendor.  For our #5 zippers, the thickness of the closed coil is 6.45 mm.  Our #5 zipper pulls fit Purse zippers from craft stores, but #5 zipper pulls from other vendors might not fit our zipper tape.

Our #5 zipper pulls are guaranteed to fit our #5 zipper tape.

Are items/prices the same on Etsy and the website?

We have two selling channels: Etsy and My Handmade Space website.

I usually list new items on the website first, and then on Etsy.  You might see some items listed on the website that are not on Etsy yet.

There are some differences due to Etsy fees. 

  • Items are grouped on larger quantities 
  • kit option of 1 yd & 3 pulls is not available on Etsy.
  • Zippers by the yard are not available on Etsy.  

Prices are the same on both stores but most sales and discounts are applicable on the website only.

D-Rings Pull

D Ring Pulls

I’ve received many questions regarding our D-Ring pulls. These sliders have D-Rings to attach custom pulls. The custom pulls are usually cork, leather, or fabric. Below is an example.

What are the names of the pull styles?

In addition to the D-Ring Pulls (pictured above), below are the names of our zipper pulls.


Nylon Metallic Zippers
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  1. Sue Groves

    Hello – do you ship to the uk and what is your postage’s charges please


    Sue Groves

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Hi Sue!
      Yes, I ship to the UK – price depends on weight – usually around $15.


  2. Charlotte Mollohan

    Hi Annabelle, I just placed my order, but the Coupon (20 % off) wouldn’t work. I tried to email you a picture of the error message but it got bounced back to me.

  3. Barbara

    How is US shipping rates calculated?
    Thanks- Barbara

    • Anabelle Delgado

      It is based on weight.

  4. Teri

    I cant place an order for some reason it saying to enter shipping and i dont see a place to do that

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Sorry about that, send me your order via email and I’ll send an invoice via PayPal

  5. Kaye Stapleton

    Do you ship zipper tape and pulls to Australia and can you give me an idea of shipping cost? Tank you

    • Anabelle Delgado

      yes, I ship to Australia
      price varies per weight, but usually between $15-23 – Let me know what do you want and I’ll let you know exact shipping price

    • Petra Baumgart

      Hello. Do you also ship to Germany? And how much are the shipping costs? LG petra

      • Anabelle Delgado

        yes, we ship worldwide

  6. Ms BJ

    Hi AnnaBelle, Is the price listed for your fabrics per yard ?

    • Anabelle Delgado


  7. Vivianne McKinney

    could I please get an invoice for order # 42502 My email is vivianne1011@yahoo.ca Thank you

    • Anabelle Delgado

      I sent it. Thanks for your order!

  8. Regina Marie Espino

    i got my order, and it worked out perfectly to match my fabric! Thank you. I just needed 2 sz 3 5″ zips for my daughter’s hoodie pockets, but now I have a lot of zip-by-the-yard and only one pull. Do you sell the size 3 rose gold pulls by themselves? I am thinking i would need 4-5 more for pockets inside bags and jackets and other short zip needs. Thank you!

  9. eleson"

    Where is ‘home’ for you?
    I am in Canada.
    Have some questions: re patterns

    • Anabelle Delgado

      MA in USA

  10. AnnChristine Karlsson

    Hi Anabelle
    I wonder if you have wholesale?
    I have a business in Sweden

    Thanks, AnnChristine

    • Anabelle Delgado

      yes, I have wholesale prices based on order amount (from 30%-50% discount)

  11. Avery

    Do you have Wholesale pricing?

    • Anabelle Delgado

      yes, we do. 30-50% off base on order price. Thanks for your interest.

  12. Karen Frank

    Do you have zipper pulls for the #3 zippers? They all seem to be for #5’s

  13. Tracy Bohman

    Do I need to set up a wholesale account with you or just order and supply my business license or how do you want me to let you know?
    Thanks so much,
    Tracy Bohman

  14. Kellie Roberts

    Any idea if or when you will have the #3 nylon zipper tape in rose gold on rose tape back in stock?
    Thank you,
    Kellie Roberts

    • Anabelle Delgado

      They should be available in 1-2 weeks – already on the way.
      Thanks for your interest

  15. Trupti Kale

    Hello ,Please let me know if I place and order then , will you be able to send it to India,

  16. Christine

    Hi, I love the color of the matching cork zippers but cannot find the cork available for sale on your website. Where do I purchase the matching cork from?

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Hi Christine!
      Currently we don’t carry cork fabric (maybe in the near future), Try cork and cloth on Etsy.

  17. Jenni

    Hi. Are the #3 pulls locking for the Black-Rose Gold Kit (I’m putting this on a dress) or only for the #5? Do you make the metal stops in Rose Gold or only in basic colors? Thanks

    • Anabelle Delgado

      Currently we don’t have locking pulls for #3 zippers, but I ordered them and they should be available in 4-6 weeks.

      Thanks for your interest.

  18. Lynne Sucher

    Does your hardware come from China?

    • Anabelle Delgado

      We have suppliers in different countries.