V Neck Dress Pattern Free

V Neck Dress Pattern Free

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This V Neck Dress Pattern enhance the bust and can be made for different occasions (casual, cocktail, or formal) depending on the fabric that you use. Simple changes such as changing the length and fullness of the skirt, or adding sleeves will make many different looks.

V Neck dresses are timeless and flattering to any figure, here are some ideas to inspire you to make your V Neck Dress.

Jersey and cotton fabrics will make a cute casual dress suitable for spring/summer (or add a cardigan and boots for winter)

V Neck Dress Pattern Free

Ponte fabric and details with contrasting colors like this blue and red dress can be used for work or maybe cocktails.

V Neck Dress Pattern Free

Any detail always make your creations unique and interesting: mesh, lace, leather can make your projects modern and fashionable.

Layering mesh with a metallic fabric like this dress can be used for a formal look.

V Neck Dress Pattern Free

A similar look can be made with lace over a metallic fabric or silk.

Changing to a full length skirt will make a gorgeous gown.

V Neck Dress Pattern Free

V Neck Dress Pattern Free Download

The free pattern was published in the Russian website porrivan.ru and is available in European sizes 44-50 (14-20 USA Sizes). It has slightly crossed V neck and some folds to enhance the bust. No seam allowances are included in the pattern.

Download Free V Neck Pattern

It can be sewn with or without sleeves, try it with different fabrics and shapes!

Adding a nice belt can enhance your waist.

Play with different colors and combinations. take a look of the trend in colors for the fall season.

I’m sure you can come up with many other ideas.

All the pictures used in this post are from Pinterest. For more V Neck Dresses inspiration, I created the following Pinterest board:

Follow Anabelle’s board V Neck Dress on Pinterest.

I hope you like it!

Creativelive classes are also great! this class also teaches you how to adjust the patterns to fit you perfectly. CreativeLive live broadcast classes are free.  Review their live broadcast schedule and sign up for the ones you like.

pattern tailoring
Tailored to Fit: The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method

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24 Responses

  1. Irma
    | Reply

    When I try to download the pattern, it takes me to a page in Rusdian, which, of course I cannot understand. Can’t find the link to download then.

  2. Faye Lewis
    | Reply

    That is a marvelous dress design! Thank you for reading and commenting on the interview from my blog! Hope you will follow me – I have some other great interviews planned for upcoming posts. Now I’m following you too!

  3. Natasha
    | Reply

    I’m having the same problem when downloading the pattern. I love this dress and I’m a beginner sewer so please if you have a version in English it would greatly be appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!

    • J. Riggs
      | Reply

      There should be something at the top of your screen possibly a symbol that when you open it it will ask you if you want to have it translated. Then i believe an app will come up with something you can install and once you bring up something again that needs translated it will ask you automatically if you want it translated.

  4. Anabelle Delgado
    | Reply

    This is the direct link to the pattern: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5RunRPNXLq-Q1VubFN5bThUQzQ/view?usp=sharing

    On any page in a foreign language right click on the page and click Translate English – The translation is not always accurate, but it helps.

  5. Lynda
    | Reply

    That doesn’t work because it’s a .pdf.

  6. Michelle
    | Reply

    Has anyone made this dress yet? It is exactly what I’m looking for but I need to know if it is possible to make.

  7. mei
    | Reply

    Hi, seams allowance are they included or should i added it to the sewing pattern?
    If they are include, how long they are?
    thank you

    • Anabelle Delgado
      | Reply

      Hi Mei!
      No seam allowance are included in the pattern! please share pictures if you sew this dress. It’s been very popular.

  8. Tessa Miller
    | Reply

    The download Took me to a Russian pattern, can I please get it in English?

    • Anabelle Delgado
      | Reply

      The direct link to the pattern is on this post. Also, if you right-click on your desktop you can select Translate English to read the original page in English.

      • Veerle Weckx
        | Reply

        Translating is not working with me!? I can choose to translate, but nothing happens.
        Another question: is this really only big sizes (44-50)? I would like to make a 40 and a 36… How do I begin with that?
        Thanks for the help!

        • Anabelle Delgado
          | Reply

          Hi Veerle!
          Another option is to copy and paste the text and use google translate.
          For a smaller size, you can adjust the measurement maintaining the shape of the pattern.

  9. Mimi
    | Reply

    I agree with everyone we need it in english!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also where is the step by step directions on construction!!!!!!!!!

  10. Christine
    | Reply

    What a beautiful dress; I downloaded the free pattern but need a tutorial. Is there anybodye with a good hart who could translate into English or Nederlands ? Even my husband tried to find the translation but found nothing.
    But many thanks for this pattern even I’m not able to make it !
    Greets from Belgium,

    | Reply

    Where are the sewing instructions? Maybe this is not for beginners.

  12. Michelle
    | Reply

    Please help with instructions / tutorial for the v neck dress?

    • Anabelle Delgado
      | Reply

      Hi Michelle!
      Thanks for your comment.
      Ok, I’m going to work in a tutorial. I’ll let you know. 🙂

  13. Светлана
    | Reply

    Отличная модель, жаль что нет шаблона выкройки на 58 размер

  14. sage
    | Reply

    Instructions and translated to English would help. Translation does not work as the file is a PDF.

  15. Jenni
    | Reply

    This is not a plus size pattern. Russian sizes and EU sizes aren’t the same. Russian size 48 is EU 40, UK 12 or US 10.

  16. Ronda
    | Reply

    I would like to get the pattern or buy the dress of the white with black polka dots. How do I get the pattern?

    • Anabelle Delgado
      | Reply

      Hi Ronda!
      Here is the direct link to the pattern: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5RunRPNXLq-Q1VubFN5bThUQzQ/view
      This dress has been very popular on the blog. I’m planning a sew along and tutorial.

      • Ronda
        | Reply

        Thank you for sending the pattern to me.
        I wanted the pattern for the polka dot dress that has sleeves and crosses in the front.
        Is that pattern available?

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