Winners of the Nylon Metallic Zippers Giveaway

I’m very happy to announce the winners of the Nylon Metallic Zippers Giveaway. I personally love these zippers and I hope you like them too!

These are the zippers featured:


Nylon Metallic Zippers



The Nylon Metallic Zipper Kits are available for sale for just $15.99 (I did my research, and I believe this is the best price available online)

  • The Black and White Kits include 5 yards of zipper chain & 15 zipper pulls
  • The Silver Kit includes 4 yards of zipper chain &10 zipper pulls (I haven’t seen this silver zipper anywhere else)

If you would like to try all of the colors available, I created a kit that includes the three colors: 2 yards of white, 2 yards of black, and 1 yard of silver.

I ship worldwide – the shipping cost depends on where you are located. So far, I have shipped to Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and 33 states within the USA including Alaska. They have been particularly popular in California, Florida, Texas, and Michigan.

I just started to sell these zippers a few months ago and I’m very excited with the interest.  I’m planning to expand my selection to other colors and different zipper pulls. Next would be gold and black and white with gold teeth.  (hopefully they would be available next month).


I’m always excited when people give these zippers 5 stars and write nice reviews. If you haven’t review the zippers yet, please write a review and let me know what do you think about these zippers.


I have some ideas, but please let me know in the comments below if there is any particular zipper or zipper pull you would like. I get these zippers directly from the manufacturer in China, and they can probably make your dream zipper a reality.


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I selected 10 winners from the hundreds of participants.  Each winner selected the color of zipper they wanted and would receive 1 yard of zipper chain with three zipper pulls.


The winners of the giveaway are:

Judith from Arizona (black)

Glenda from California (black)

Rebecca from New Mexico (silver)

Lilly from Massachusetts (black – hey… I also live in MA)

Cheryl from Ohio (black or silver)

Carolyn from Illinois (silver)

Leslie from Indiana (black)

Crystal from Tennessee (silver)

Sandra W.



Thanks for your interest in these zippers and participating in the giveaway.


Happy Sewing,


Nylon Metallic Zippers
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