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If you like metal zippers, these nylon metallic zippers are a great alternative.  You can easily cut and sew through the nylon teeth, while achieving the professional appearance of metal teeth! It’s the best of both worlds! If you win in this blog giveaway, you’ll receive 1 yard of #5 zipper chain (the color of your choice) and 3 zipper pulls.


Nylon Metallic Zippers



Javeriya from Sew Some Stuff made this beautiful Fiona’s Freeway Bucket Bag using the Black and Silver Zipper.




Daniela published a tutorial on her blog On the Cutting Floor for a super easy zippered pouch also using the Black and Silver Nylon Metallic Zipper. You can use your fabric scraps and make this little pouch in under one hour!



Since I received the silver zippers, I’ve used them in all of my projectsI I made this Wristlet using the nylon metallic silver zippers and the Clematis Wristlet FREE Pattern – The silver zipper is stunning… I love how gorgeous they look in a bag.


Wrislet FREE Pattern
There are many projects where you can use these zippers (All of these examples are bags… but these zippers are also great for garments).  For more inspiration and FREE patterns check this post.

These zippers are also cost efficient! Cut the length of zipper you need, when you need it, for minimal waste. Also, they are two ways, you can use one or two slides.

Double slide zippers open from the middle out, which is ideal for luggage style bags, bowler bags, handbags, or any other bag you want a double zipper.

Zippers by the yard are very easy to use, so I encourage you to give them a try!

If you want to try these zippers you are in luck! because I’m giving away 10 Sample Kits and you choose your favorite color (black, white, or silver)

To enter the giveaway Complete the information below (giveaway end date is 9 August 2017).  Sorry to my over seas readers… but the giveaway is only for USA participants.

Happy Sewing and Good Luck!


To enter the giveaway please complete this form

The winners will receive a Nylon Metallic Zipper Sample Kit that includes 1 yard of #5 zipper chain with silver teeth and 3 zipper pulls. (Colors available: Black, White, or Silver)

This giveaway is for USA readers only!