Tulip Dress DIY

Sew a Moxy inspired tulip dress with this tutorial tutorial from The Felted Fox blog. The Moxy dress price tag was $140 and Nicole was able to make her version with just $15 and 2 hours of work.





Link to Tulip Dress DIY Tutorial

The tutorial shows you how to sew this cute dress in knit fabric, but you can experiment with other fabrics, colors, and skirt lengths.

tulip dress diy

You’ll Need:

  • 2 yards of knit fabric (depending on your measurements)
  • Matching thread
  • 1” Elastic (enough to wrap around your waist)


Sewing Instructions:

You’ll find step by step illustrated instructions in the The Felted Fox blog

Sewing with Knits:

Sewing with knits can be tricky at the beginning, but once you learn the basics it is even easier than sewing with woven fabrics.  Below are some tips:

I hope you enjoy sewing this nightie for your little girl.

Happy Sewing,


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