Button Down Shirt Pattern Free

The classic button down shirt pattern has a collar and full-length button opening at the front.  Button down shirts are timeless and versatile.  You can get a formal or casual look depending in your style and how you wear them; you can also use details and contrasting fabrics to achieve a modern look.

The fabric used for button down shirts is usually cotton and in fabric stores you might find a “shirting” section with fabrics suitable for shirts. But don’t limit yourself to the traditional fabrics, be creative in your fabric selection and you can achieve great results.  Below are some examples in how to add interest to your button down shirts.

Color blocking makes the shirts look more casual and modern. The contrasting fabric can be used in the collar, cuffs, and button band. The options are unlimited!


button down shirt

button down shirt

Piping, a leather trim, or even a full leather add interest and personality to any project.


button down shirt

button down shirt


Replace the buttons with snaps or even with a zipper and your shirt will have a store purchased look. You can also add the zippers in the pockets or sleeves.

button down shirt

button down shirt


My favorites are the shirts with lace details, either long sleeve or sleeveless. The lace can be added on the shoulders, sleeves, yoke, or even as your main fabric.

button down shirt

button down shirt


I found various Classic Button Down Shirt patterns that can be modified to achieve many different looks.

The free pattern comes in European sizes 38-44 (8-12 in US sizes) and has 8 pages.  The pattern pieces are layered on top of each other.  Print at least 4 copies.

The plus size patterns are available in XXXL and in European Sizes 44-50 (12-22 in US sizes) and have 16 pages.

Small Size Button Down Shirt Download

Download 38-44 Pattern (from  Moldesdicasmoda)


Plus Size Button Down Shirt Download

I found two plus plus size button down shirts:

Download XXXL pattern (from m-sewing)

Download 44-50 pattern  (from porivian.ru)


If you are a beginner and need step by step instructions in how to sew a button down shirt I highly recommend this Crafsy Class by Janet Pray.  Janet Pray teaches sewing industry techniques for fast and efficient sewing. In this case her techniques will allow you to sew a button down shirt with no pins and under 3 hours! even the sleeve is set accurately with no pins. I enjoyed this class very much.

The class includes a Islander Sewing Systems Men’s Button Down Shirt (they also have the women’s version available in their website)

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