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Refashion Clothes: Inspiration & Ideas

Are you looking for ideas in how you can refashion clothes? In this post you’ll find great ideas that will inspire you to go to your closet and start transforming your old clothes. You can transform a button down shirt adding lace or turn a pair of jeans into a skirt.  Refashioning is not limited to clothing, you can also use your clothes for accessories, cushions, bags, quilts, etc.


refashion clothes


Below I listed some of my favorite refashioning websites where you can find many examples.



Jillian, from Refashionista transforms ugly pieces from thrift stores into fashionable pieces.  Her website is a great inspiration if you want to refashion clothes. You can also buy ugly pieces and turn them into something beautiful.

Her website is all about refashioning, here are some examples of her transformations:


I love how she created this jean dress combining two different shirts!

It is amazing how she transformed this old fashion dress into a modern bohemian dress.


Moldes di Casamoda

The popular Portuguese website Moldes di Casamoda also has a page for clothes transformation. Here are some that I liked:

Transform an oversize shirt into a cute dress.


refashion clothes


Transform a pair of jeans into a pretty skirt. (I’ve seen transformations of jean jackets into skirts as well)
refashion clothes


Add lace inserts to button down shirts (or t-shirts) to change the look.
refashion clothes



Type “Refashion Clothes” in Pinterest search and you’ll get thousands of refashion ideas!



Refashion Clothes to create a Quilt

Showcase your kids sport shirts in a T-shirt Quilt! my son has many gymnastics shirts from meets, camps, etc and this is a great way to reuse them and keep the memories alive.

I hope you are inspired to reuse or refashion clothes!

Happy Sewing,

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