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During our 25 Days of Christmas of 2021, we asked you to tell us a maker to follow.  There are many talented bag makers out there and you responded with many different maker names, designers, and vendors.

Based on your responses, Jessica Rush (Oklaroots), Linds Handmade, Siah Swag Bags, and Amy Lynne are some of your favorites.

I’m always in aww with the bags from Kimberly Cummins (@mydanibags) and Chera Phipody (@chera_phipody).  Also, Jessica Rush from Oklaroots and Kassiah from Siah Swag Bags inspired me to make some of the bags I made this year.  These are some of the pictures:

This is the list of your responses and IG names for most makers!

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3 Responses

  1. Melissa Ramirez
    | Reply

    1st Lauren MoreMeKnow-YouTube
    2nd Linds Handmade- YouTube
    3rd Jess Oklaroots – YouTube
    4th SiahSwag- YouTube
    That’s how I found them when I first started to sew.

  2. diane panzarello
    | Reply

    Siah Swag has come a long ways in a short period of time love her videos hardware and mostly her thread

  3. Carol Tata
    | Reply

    Holly by Sallie Tomato is the bagI just finished. Love how it came out

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