Fenway Bra

Fenway Bra & Frankie Panties

I’ve been sewing lingerie non-stop these past few months and this is one of my favorite sets.  For this set, I used the Fenway Bra Pattern by Orange Lingerie and Frankie Panties Pattern by Evie la Luve.

Fenway Bra

I live in Massachusets and took me a while to realize that the pattern was named after baseball park Fenway Park.  I read that it was inspired by baseball.

This leopard stretch lace is from Tailor Made Shop.  

Based on measurements I used their largest size 40DD.  I had to alter the pattern significantly to make it fit but I like the style and how it turned out.

Some of the alterations that I made:

  • Reduced fullness and shortened the upper cup.  The lower cup fit was good, but the sheer upper cup was too big.
  • Made the side band wider and also altered the back band.  I wanted to use more of the leopard lace on the side band and now the seam is on the right place.
  • Moved the strap position closer to the center back.
Pattern: Fenway Bra
Lace: Leopard Print Stretch Lace
Contrasting fabric: Stretch Mesh
Contrasting Elastics: Red Foldover elastic

For support, I lined the lower cups with bra tulle, used stretch mesh for the upper cup, and red fold-over elastic. I like the contrast of the red elastics with the leopard lace.

Fenway Bra interior

Liz Sews also has a sew along for this pattern in her Youtube Channel.

The Frankie Pantie Pattern has many different variations. This one is Style 2 with a Lace Overlay. Based on measurements I should be size large, but with lace I need the extra large. Getting the right fit when sewing lingerie depends on the stretch of the fabrics.

I used the same Leopard stretch lace and stretch mesh with red fold-over elastics.

Fabrics and materials for lingerie are not easy to find in local stores, but there are so many options online. Below is the list of my favorite shops for lingerie supplies:

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