Ruby Dress: Finishing

Finishing The Ruby Dress includes: Hemming the Circle Skirt securing the lining on the waist   Step 1: Hemming the Circle Skirt Since this is a circle skirt, the bottom part of the hem is larger.  To have a flat hem, … Read More

Ruby Dress: How to Attach an Exposed Zipper?

Ruby Dress: How to Attach an Exposed Zipper includes? Zipper preparation Piece preparation Installation of the zipper You’ll Need: 14″ of zipper Zipper Pull Double Tape SF101 Interfacing (optional) lighter (to burn the zipper edges)   Preparing the Zipper If … Read More

Ruby Dress: Attaching the Circle Skirt

The Ruby Dress Circle Skirt Constructions includes: Attaching the Circle Skirt to the Bodice Sewing and finishing the back seam Finishing the hemline   Step 1: Attaching the Circle Skirt RST (right sides together), pin the bodice to the circle skirt. … Read More

Ruby Dress: Bodice Construction

The Ruby Dress Bodice Constructions includes: Sewing the darts Sewing the shoulder seams Sewing the side seams Lining the bodice Step 1: Sewing the Front Darts RST (right sides together), pin the front dart in place. For accuracy, use tailor’s chalk … Read More

Pencil Skirt Construction Part 1

Pencil Skirt Construction Part 1 includes: Sewing the darts Installation of the Invisible Zipper Sewing the side seams Step 1: Sewing the Darts Make a small cut on your fabric to mark the dart notches. Awl punch your fabric on the dart mark … Read More