How to Fund Your Sewing Hobby

How to Fund Your Sewing Hobby

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How to Fund Your Sewing Hobby? For many people sewing is a business and for many of us it’s just a hobby.  We sew because we enjoy it! Contrary of what many people think, sewing can get expensive – you need basic sewing supplies, including a sewing machine and after a while you’ll probably want a high end sewing machine, a serger, a coverstitch, a heavy duty machine (at least me for bags), and an embroidery machine.


If you keep track the expenses add up: sewing machine, sewing supplies, sewing patterns, etc… I probably spend more money in the supplies that I need to make the bags than buying a new bag, but it is very satisfying to carry your own bags.

This blog fund my sewing hobby – I’m not making a whole lot of money, but enough to support my hobby.

Anybody can make some money with a sewing blog.  Sew So Easy made $20,000 every month – Debby Coles use to post her blog income reports in Mom Makes MoneyFor her it wasn’t just to fund her hobby, the blog was her business.

I chose my domain and host my blog through BluehostFor creative blogs the best source of income is Share A Sale where you can get commission for Crafsy Classes, Creativebug, and Creativelive. Most of the income of this blog is from Google AdSense . Other sources of income are Etsy through Affiliate Window (now Awin) and Amazon.

Since I don’t invest too much time in this blog, the trick to get traffic is Pinterest.  At the moment of writing this post I have close to 18,000 followers.  I signed up for Tailwind  and Board Booster and that keeps the traffic in this blog.  Try Tailwind FREE for a month trough this link.

I’m definitively not and expert in the blogging niche. I only make about $500 per month with this blog.  For me that is enough to fund my sewing hobby, but there are other blogs that make a lot more.  If you want advise from an expert you can check  Building a Framework by Abby and her husband Donnie. They make up to $50,000 per month in their blog – they also publish their impressive income reports.

Creativelive classes are also great! this class teaches you how to build a successful creative blog.  They offer many craft classes to build a creative business. The offer FREE live broadcast of their classes.  You can learn for FREE or test drive a class before you buy it.  Check their Live Broadcast Schedule here.

how to fund your sewing hobby
Build a Successful Creative Blog

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    Thank you for sharing your story! I have been thinking about this, hoping to find a way to fund inventory!

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