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  1. Anneva Hard

    Would like to find pattern for White Lace outfit using Michael Miller

  2. Mike

    I don’t see a seam allowance listed, am I just missing it?

  3. Mimi

    Good question about seam allowance because I too DO NOT see how much is the s.a. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Edie

    I have tried to download a pattern for a girl’s party dress and don’t know what to do with it. My Mac shows the little icon jumping to my Downloads folder but I can’t find it in that folder! Can you tell me what it would be called in the Downloads folder? Also, I saw no place to indicate what size I want. Is it a multi-size pattern? Please help!

  5. Teena Ray

    How do you download the pattern and instructions for the Children’s Party Dress? I just keep going in circles trying to find where I can download it.

  6. Avril McNeilly

    trying to get pattern for the sequin girls party dress please?

  7. Avril

    Trying to download the pattern for the girls sequin party dress please.

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